Who We Are

Viva Consulting is a UAE based business consulting firm that is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and organizations grow their business. Our array of consultancy services is designed to optimize the operational and financial effectiveness and efficiency of any given business entity. We seek to bridge the gap between technical know-how and commercial business acumen to create sustainable business models that will extract the maximum profit. Our team of multicultural professionals are highly experienced and can tackle any challenge with clear thinking and solutions that deliver real impact. For any questions regarding our services or to schedule an appointment with our consultants, contact us today!

Who We Are - Viva Consulting

What We Do

Business Development

At Viva Consulting, we are committed to helping our clients improve on their business operations. From an unbiased health check of your business establishment to assisting you with effective growth strategies, we seek to grow your business while not cutting down on the cost.

Business Planning

Business owners often find it challenging to manage the day to day operations also keep control of their business as it grows. Our team of consultants work with a thorough understanding of the stress involved in running a business and approach each project with a positive outlook.

Why Choose Us

We seek to provide research-led advisory and consulting services to organizations and entrepreneurs. Our ability to align our team’s diverse capabilities to develop cost-efficient and highly effective solutions is the core strength that distinguishes us from others.

We Value Partnerships

Our clients are drawn from a wide array of backgrounds and circumstances. Be it a small to medium-sized business, individual clients, or corporate organizations, we operate side-by-side with the companies that we service to build stable and lasting relationships with our clients. Our clients are not only based within Dubai but across the UAE & also internationally.

How We Help

We here at Viva Consulting focus on helping our clients achieve practical results with real impact. Our group of insightful, efficient, and creative business consultant will help you to:

  • Make business decisions that will help you reach your business goals and objectives.
  • Develop leaders within your organization to deliver on your vision.
  • Understand the needs of your customers and key stakeholders within your organization.
  • Create a positive, trusting, and compassionate work culture.
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