Feasibility Analysis and How It Differs for Each Industry

Irrespective of the sector, any feasibility study will need clarity on the problem, a SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity and threat) analysis, and, most importantly, a financial evaluation to determine success. If a project doesn’t generate long-term profit, it will frustrate the finances of an organization. A feasibility study avoids this. Projects carried out during the study tend to be standard across companies that are private as well as public, irrespective of the assignment given. Nonetheless, certain variations are there in the study that are worthy of attention.

Feasibility Analysis and How It Differs for Each Industry

Variation Based on Targets

Your feasibility study is determined by the objectives laid out by you. Let’s say a business intends to purchase new IT systems for the company. Primarily, you will be asked to evaluate the viability of the project. With the aid of your team, you will create the following goals.

  • Identify your current computer’s shortcomings.
  • Address how these issues will be taken care of through the new systems.
  • Understand the demand amongst your existing staff for the system.
  • Identify the amount of profits you incur over a while.

You perform technical as well as financial feasibility analysis by keeping the goals mentioned above in mind. Under these conditions, conducting a feasibility study on the environment may not seem as mandatory. Nevertheless, in case of a real estate assignment, additional analysis including analysis on the environment, legal study as well as economic feasibility study would be required.

Behind the Scenes of the Study

A guided analysis makes it easy to build prototypes. They are then tested for performance measurement. It is a common practice amongst those in the industrial and consumer goods and electronics industry. It is vital for project managers to not look past these prototypes or view them as unnecessary spending. Those in the field of medicines may analyze the following:

  • A window of opportunity to understand the drug and the formula used.
  • Formation process.
  • Identifies the tools needed in creation; and allows the staff to build a backup plan, in case of any changes.

While making the prototype, a laboratory for research purposes will have to work on creating a preliminary version of any pill or medicine. The process includes conducting experimental works, creating hypothetical scenarios to confute, or prove the experiments carried out as well as creating apparatus and usage of materials.

These experiments are carried out with a sole purpose. It is to question any change in variables by the end of the test. It also directs research terms on criteria for manufacturing efficiently and regularly. If the above study excludes tests, there will be quality problems for the medicines.

Why Conduct Feasibility Projects?

While private companies are always derived by profits, government projects, on the other hand, barely drive profits. It’s what sets the feasibility study in corporate sectors apart from the study in government organizations. Government projects aim at providing ordinary people with services that come free or at a minimal cost. Corporates can’t offer such privileges, as citizens may end up having to spend a lot more than expected.

Usage of Existing Policies

Both local, as well as national governments, ensure that development projects do not affect the environment negatively. Programs that will strain facilities like transport, sanitation, and other areas will not receive approval. For this role, these entities make use of existing policies, typically built after a sequence of feasibility analysis. Every organization needs to understand the different types of the feasibility study and its importance. More often than not, different studies may require different analysis, even if it’s in the same company. It is advisable to be open when performing a feasibility study on an assignment. If the results don’t seem feasible or generate profit over time, it is best to avoid it.

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