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At Viva Consulting, we focus on delivering high quality and world-class market intelligence and consulting services to help clients within the UAE achieve business growth and improvement. Understanding your customers, the industry, and the demand for your products and services are all essential aspects of running a successful business operation. Business owners, in particular, are challenged to make decisions around target markets, pricing, promotion, distribution channels, and product features. Market research is also useful to gain valuable insights on key areas within your existing system where improvements are to be made, so as to differentiate and grow your business.

As one of the leading market research agencies based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we offer a multi-dimensional research approach that leads to service optimization, identification of differentiating innovations, and delivery of compelling propositions. We operate with a clear understanding that businesses and brands compete in a highly complex and ever-changing marketplace. At Viva Consulting, our team of research and business consultants can provide you with extensive insights on how to navigate the competitive dynamics that affect a business or service offering. To learn more about our market research firm, or to book an appointment with our specialist, reach out to us on +971-50-914-9457.

Market Research in UAE

Our Market Research Specializations

Market Sizing and Analysis

It is a crucial part of any successful business plan. An in-depth assessment of the market will help in understanding the existing customer segments, their buying patterns, and an overall picture of the market conditions in terms of entry and regulation.

Competition Analysis and Profiling

If you want to carve a unique segment for yourself in the market, then you will need to know your competition. Competitor analysis and profiling will help to provide a broader picture of the marketplace and understand where you fit within the current competitive setting. We adopt both traditional and modern research techniques to create an effective marketing plan.

Supply and Demand Analysis

Supply and demand analysis is a vital aspect of your business plan if you wish to attract potential investors. From a detailed understanding of the supply chain to evaluating the drivers of demand for your products and services. Such an analysis can help you to get better value for your money, asses and manage potential risks, and identify strategies that can help to meet your objectives.

Market Entry and Product Introduction

When and How you decide to introduce your product into the market plays a key role on how well it performs during its early days. Market research will help in creating a marketing plan that can help you make the most of existing product exposure opportunities.

Consumer Analytics and Brand Perception

Whether you are looking to attract more customers to your product or retain and grow current relationships, consumer analysis is a necessity. By understanding what motivates your target customers to make a purchase, brands will be able to tailor their business operations around those needs.

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