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At Viva Consulting, we seek to help businesses within Dubai and across the UAE improve on their corporate capability to deliver projects and programs. Our project management team is comprised of passionate and dedicated management professionals with a history of providing high-quality projects across a selection of sectors throughout the country. We work with a clear understanding that each project is unique and strive to render solutions that are in line with our client’s business aspirations. Our project management consultants in Dubai offer the complete range of services from inception through to completion. Our goal is to help companies achieve the best results on their projects within pre-determined budgets and timelines. We tailor our delivery processes to match the requirements of our clients and plan using the best approach and methodology. Send us an inquiry or call us on +971-50-914-94-57 for a free, no-obligation consultation, where we can show you precisely what our management consultant can do for your project.

Project Management Company In Dubai

Our PMO Service Inclusions

Project Management

We strive to deliver projects through effective management of all the briefing, design, cost, program, procurement, and execution processes. Our team undertakes a planned, organized, and controlled approach to deliver successful projects. We also strive to ensure that the project is delivered on time and within the pre-determined budget.

Strategy Implementation

The development of an effective organizational strategy is often a complex and demanding process. The chosen business strategy has little chance of being a success unless it is correctly implemented. Strategy implementation helps to translate the chosen strategy into action plans and activities to realize the project successfully.

Marketing and PR Campaign Design

A well-thought-out marketing and PR campaign play a crucial role in the successful execution of any given project. We seek to help clients with practical marketing plans to get their projects on the right track. Our team has the creative and technical expertise to ensure the successful implementation of your sales and marketing plans.

Special Project Management

Significant investment, effort, and time need to be invested in any given project. Any business venture can face unforeseen complexities and challenges that demand concrete solutions to overcome them. We specialize in helping our clients keep their project resilient and minimize its exposure to risk. At Viva Consulting, we develop the right combination of planning, expertise, and personnel to deliver the services you need to meet these criterions.

Benefits of Our Project Management Consulting Service

As one of the leading project management companies in Dubai, we oversee your project from start to finish as your trusted business partner. Not only can we take the stress and complexity of a project from your shoulders, but we can also provide you with better results. Listed are some of the key benefits of hiring our project management consultant service:

  • As a dedicated project management consulting firm, we have the direct knowledge needed for the successful execution of your project.
  • We deal with the demands and difficulties associated with a given project and identify time and cost-saving ways so that you focus on your business.
  • Our team of management consultants will help you to classify and execute project strategies based on their experience. They can identify future challenges and render solutions to overcome them.
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