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For any new or existing business entity, long-term strategic vision is a necessity to stay afloat in this volatile market. At Viva Consulting, we provide business strategy consulting and management services in Dubai to those clients who wish to gain a competitive market advantage and enhance their profitability. With a team having decades of experience across all geographies and industry sectors, we equip our clients with equally innovative and effective business strategy solutions. The strategies that we develop are not only in line with the organization’s objective but are more so realistic. As one of the leading strategic consulting firms in the UAE, we have helped numerous companies develop and execute viable business strategies that add more value to their business. To achieve growth and to help your company reach its full potential, reach out to us by dialing +971-50-914-9457.

Strategy Consulting Dubai

Understanding Strategy Consulting

  • A strategy is a clear set of choices that define what the firm is going to do, and what it’s not going to do. Those choices are taken by the management to gain a competitive advantage and sustain it. Moreover, uncertainties are on the rise in the current business environment, and the only constant is change. Disruption is expected in every area of an organization and in most industries. The only way forward is to embrace change and build on it.
  • At Viva Consulting, we tailor our solutions to address the pain areas of our client’s business and help management to anticipate future challenges. Our approach is numerically driven, starts with a proper diagnosis of current operations, propose solutions, assist in implementation, and measure growth.

Listed are some of the key offerings under our business strategy service:

  • Strategy execution and business planning.
  • Strategy and Business Model Design.
  • Operating model and governance framework design.
  • Business planning and business performance monitoring.

Benefits of Hiring a Strategic Business Consultant

As mentioned, a robust business strategy is a necessity for any business entity nowadays. At Viva Consulting, we work closely with our clients to develop a strategy that is relevant and tailored to the specific needs and requirements of their business.

Listed are some of the primary reasons as to why you should work with a professional strategic consultant:

An Unbiased Perspective

The role of a strategic business consultant is to not just go through your plan and advise you on how to execute it. We’ll analyze your business plan and provide an unbiased opinion on whether it is indeed a smart business decision or not.

Result-Oriented Approach

Our goal as a strategic consulting agency is to provide clients with results that they may not have been able to achieve without external help. We work with a clear understanding of our role within your business and set out goals and milestones to track our progress.

Save Time and Money

Businesses without defined and documented strategy or business plan, operate based on the trial and error method. Not only costly, but this method is also lengthy and time-consuming, as it might take months or even years for the management to come up with an effective strategy. Our team of professional consultants has the necessary skills and experience to help your business entity grow and expand.

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