We understand the complexity of the Arabic language and the confusion it may bring when not translated properly. Google Translate and other AI solutions are great tools but are still a long way from replacing the human touch for simple and complex phrases, particularly if they need to be in local dialects or in a business context. Word-for-word translations do not give justice to the spirit of the text or the ideas being translated.

Living in a region proud of its heritage and culture and committed to preserving the Arabic language as the prevailing medium for official and commercial communications alike, we feel there is a role we can play. In a humble effort to pay back our society, Viva Consulting developed the Bel-Arabi initiative to help businesses and individuals avoid embarrassing translation and spelling mistakes caused by AI or online translation solutions.

Accordingly, we volunteer to translate and audit any company/entity name and slogan on a pro-bono basis. Just share your company /entity name or slogan and we will be happy to come back to you with the translation or any other suggestion the soonest.  

For complex and time-intensive requirements we are happy to discuss formal engagements on a case-by-case basis

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