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Viva Consulting is a market research and business growth consultant that specializes in strategic and tactical research by understanding our client’s real business objectives. Widely recognized as one of the most reliable market research firm based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, our expertise lies in developing new ideas, measuring customer satisfaction, and helping brand owners understand the market inside out. Our team is composed of marketers, business and brand experts, and also qualitative and quantitative research specialists who continuously strive to discover new insights and help our clients drive their business forward.

When you decide to partner with a market research company in the UAE, you need to ensure that you get the most accurate information for the toughest questions at the best price. At Viva Consulting, our group of research and business feasibility specialists will work closely with you identify the data that you need and ensure its prompt delivery while reducing risk and staying with your budget. To know more about our services or to place an inquiry, reach out to us on +971-50-914-9457. Alternatively, you can also write to us at

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Unlike a commercial business entity, educational organizations are not there to just make a profit. Our market research and business consulting service will ensure that you will move forward in the educational landscape.


With a team of specialist healthcare planners having unrivaled experience and expertise in the industry, we can develop custom business plans that are in line with the ever-changing health care environment.


Over the last two decades, the telecommunication industry has evolved from wired, fixed-location, voice-based services to high-speed data services that are readily available. We help our clients gain greater insight into the telecom ecosystem by evaluating large volumes of telecom customer data.


In a world of interconnected devices and smart industries, a manufacturer should be able to innovate and adapt to customer requirements. Market research and subsequent business planning is a necessity to gain the upper hand in the current market conditions.

Real Estate

Thorough research is an essential component in any property investment process. Similarly, thorough and market research needs to be in place to ensure the success of your real estate organization. Our specialists undertake micro and macro-level research processes to assess your business’ potential growth possibilities.


Almost all the successful retailers in the UAE undertake the service of a market research and business consulting company to understand their customers’ demands better and manage their suppliers. We offer multi-layered research and intelligence to help businesses succeed in the retail industry.

Oil and Gas

Our team of market researchers has worked with some of the most prominent names in the Oil and Gas sector within the UAE. We seek to help organizations based within this industry to stay update with the sector’s complex and dynamic requirements.

Food and Beverage

A strong research combined with a unique and creative concept are the primary elements to launch a successful F&B venture within Dubai. The F&B market within the Middle East is highly volatile and susceptible to even micro-level changes.

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Prompt and Responsive Service

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Professional and Knowledge Staff

Single point of management throughout

Transparent and Collaborative Approach

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